Value of Participating in Our Servicer Network provides a critical communication opportunity to retain your customers and reduce the number of complaints!

As a servicer in the Servicer Network, your customers, who are actively searching the Internet to refinance, get a home equity loan, or buy a new home, are delivered to you, and only you. Your “customer retention specialists” (CRS) talks with your customers, answers questions about their current mortgage and provide products and solutions to address your customers’ needs. You get to compete directly with other lenders to retain your customers. And you do it during the critical early stages of the refinancing process, not after credit is pulled or you receive a payoff request.

Unhappy customers who may have misunderstandings about their mortgage or other servicing-related issues are also advised to talk to their mortgage servicer first. Your designated CRS’s can answer questions and resolve misunderstandings before a customer files a complaint.

Only mortgage servicers who are part of our Servicer Network are matched with their customers.

Is Joining our Servicer Network right your company? It is if you agree with any of the following:

  1. Servicers would like to have the opportunity to communicate with their customers before they refinance with a competitor or file a complaint.
  2. Homeowners often make costly mistakes when refinancing because they do not know the “facts” about their current mortgage.
  3. Servicers don’t have enough forewarning to educate customers about their financial choices before they refinance.
  4. Many of the servicing complaints filed could have been averted if the customer had an opportunity to talk with their servicer before filing the complaint.

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