Releasing the Mortgage Loan Servicer’s Super Customer Retention Power!

Mortgage loan servicers customer retention super power is: Keeper of all knowledge about their customer’s loans. Unfortunately, the mortgage loan servicer’s customer retention power rarely has the opportunity to be utilized on a fair playing field when it comes to mortgage customer retention.

Permit me to explain. The mortgage loan servicer’s adversaries are lenders that spirit away valuable customers by taking the customers’ money before their servicer has an opportunity to fairly discuss their customers refinancing options and recapture their customer. For example, mortgage trigger leads and payoff requests are the most common customer retention devices used by mortgage loan servicers today. Trigger leads are generated when a lender pulls a copy of a customer’s credit report (hard inquiry) relative to a new mortgage or mortgage refinance. The problem with trigger leads is that very often, either immediately before or immediately after the credit report is pulled, the customer pays for an appraisal and is thus financially committed to the new lender. Payoff requests happen after an appraisal has been completed, the new loan is approved and the customer is committed to another lender. is a powerful new tool for customer retention that releases all a mortgage loan servicer’s customer retention powers! Borrowers, mortgage loan servicers and the owners of mortgage servicing rights (MSRs) win with!’s patented process sends mortgage customers that are actively contemplating refinancing their mortgage with another lender back to their existing mortgage servicer, before they pull a credit report, thus providing their servicer the opportunity to offer their customer valuable information about the customer’s existing mortgage, refinancing, a home equity loan, purchase loan, etc. before their customers are financially committed to another lender.

For more information contact me directly for a demonstration to learn just how benefits homeowners, mortgage loan servicers, owners of MSRs and owners of excess MSRs.